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Welcome to the website of imaginary author Jonathan Popkes-Bean. This site is a demonstration of the website-building techniques described on

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This site was largely created by an automatic setup tool that pre-created the following elements (you can easily delete what you don’t want):

  • A catalog of books with descriptions, covers, and “buy links”, sortable by date or series order.
  • A blog.
  • “About” page.
  • Spam-protected contact form to let people get in touch without publishing your email address.
  • Email list signup with automatic alerts of new blog entries.
  • SEO assistance (language analysis, etc).
  • Comment spam blocking.
  • Top-notch hacking protection.
  • Automatic image optimization for best performance.

After that, I added books to the book catalog, edited the content of the pages, and customized the appearance of the site with my own graphics and color selections. Different themes have very different starting layouts and allow different degrees of customization, so selecting a new theme you like the overall look of, then just going through to adjust each setting to your liking, is an easy way to revamp the look of the site.