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Welcome to the website of astonishingly erudite and handsome mystery author, Jonathan Popkes-Bean, who is not a real person. This is a demo of the sort of website you’ll create with the tools and instructions at The Torknado Project.

The site is built with WordPress, using free off-the-shelf themes and plugins. There’s no custom programming, no hand-coded HTML, CSS, or other swear words. If you know a little of these things, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s optional.

Please explore. You’ll find:

  • book catalog with buy links,
  • blog,
  • sign up for email updates,
  • spam-protected contact form so people can get in touch without you publishing your email address,
  • links to social media profiles,
  • share buttons,
  • works nicely on different size screens.

Some features that are here but less obvious:

  • tight security,
  • automatic software updates,
  • accessible design,
  • good SEO,
  • automatic scheduling of blog posts.